Learn how to frame your own pictures

Picture Framing Classes

unboxedequipmentPicture Framing Class.

This is a ONE day course running from 10am – 4.00 pm. on Saturday’s, at our premises in Sandyford(Not including Bank Holidays).

Please bring a pack-lunch with you, refreshments served throughout the day.

At this stage I feel that it is important for me to give you an idea of what I set out to do during my ‘Day’s Tuition’.

With regards to my backround in picture framing, I owned a picture framing supply company named Sisslings Moulding(based in Sandyford, in Dublin) for almost 25 years.

 I closed Sisslings in July 2011.

I was a wholesaler selling all the products needed to ‘frame a picture’ to the picture framing trade and when ‘all hell broke loose’ with the Irish Economy, I just could not get paid by my customers.

In order to reinvent myself I opened up a totally new business www.caretocomfort.ie which thankfully is really taking off for me, and as a result,due to time constraints, I can only hold my picture framing classes on ‘Saturday’s’ only, at my premises in Sandyford, Dublin 18.

Also due to severe space limitations, in my little studio attic workshop, I am only able to accommodate One person at a time(or 2 persons, if they are related ?).

From the off I just wanted to let you know that I am NOT a Guild Commended Picture Framer, but one thing that I do know, is that there are not many aspects of the whole picture framing business( or experience) that I do not know all about.

During a Day’s tuition, I try to go though all aspects of the ‘basic principles of picture framing’.

My target audience is the ‘Total Beginner’.

I use the Logan Graphic Framing tools ; http://www.logangraphic.com/

Which in my opinion are the most basic, reasonably inexpensive tools with which to frame a picture.

The area where I am strongest is the area of getting supply of all the ‘picture framing materials’ that are required to actually frame a picture.

I will take you through all the wholesaler’s here in Ireland,(and also in the UK). I will advise you as to ‘who to go to’ and also ‘as to who NOT to go to’ ?

I will go through ‘pricing’ of raw materials with you.

I would like to think that after a day in my company, the client(provided they concentrate and listen ?) will have clear picture of a ‘route’ to start framing at a very basic level, and then with practice, to move on to a ‘lucrative hobby’ level., and if the drive is there ?, to move on to the Top Level(Professional)Picture Framing.

But ‘one’ has to start somewhere’ ? All it requires is practice.

My fee for a Day’s Tuition is €175 per person.

If you are still interested in moving things along, come back to me, and we can look at some dates.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Martin Deasy 

086 411 2270.

What previous experience should I have?

This workshop is aimed at complete beginners as well as those who may have tried to frame their own work in the past. There is no need for any experience using hand tools. We will teach you all you need to get going.

The course is aimed at people who have limited or no previous experience of working with framing hand tools or have limited experience of framing and mounting pictures and would like to learn mor

  • the main components of a framed picture
  • how to cut a mount using mount cutting equipment
  • some basic ways of attaching artwork to the mount
  • cutting moulding and joining sections to create a frame
  • cutting glass and backing board to fit the frame
  • And finally assembling all parts to complete your picture